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Leigh Ferrara

Former college athlete, long-time runner, yoga teacher, and Pilates convert (she trains alongside the Studio 20 Pilates team with Caitlin’s master teacher Melissa Condron) Leigh Ferrara believes that transforming your body goes hand in hand with inner work, and she weaves together a unique and safe practice of physical and emotional healing. Her personal experience with trauma and continued study of the way it impacts our bodies deeply inform her teaching approach, and she creates a nurturing and grounded environment for her students to unwind tension and contraction and to work with injury and chronic pain.

Her work includes deep relaxation techniques from yoga and other modalities, yogic and Pilates-based breath work, and subtle physical realignment and strengthening exercises. She works with people looking to develop skills for navigating their stressful lifestyles and environments, as well as with people healing from emotional trauma or physical injury. And she credits her mind-body methodology to her work with Caitlin, Melissa, and Bay Area physical therapists, as well as to her training in yoga therapeutics and trauma-sensitive yoga with Bessel van der Kolk.

Ryann Summers

Ryann is curious about the patterns of tension our bodies hold, and the way that mindful movement and breath help to unwind them. Her approach is a blend of yin, restorative, and therapeutic yoga with a focus on nervous system regulation and the emotional body.

Originally from Boston, Ryann studied clinical psychology and worked as a counselor and advocate for trauma survivors. Her movement-based practice draws from her experience in the healing field, as well as her 500-hour Yoga Tree, Prenatal Level One, and Trauma-Informed Yoga trainings.

Our experiences are stored in our tissues, breath patterns, posture, cells, and ways of being. Ryann works with each client to tap into these patterns, re-wiring for optimal health and ease, strengthening what needs to be strong and allowing for the softening of everything else.

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